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IGS는 GAS SYSTEM의 모든 기술이 응축되어 있으며 완성된 형태로 고객에게 납품되는 Gas System으로서 기존의 VCR Type과 비교했을때 고집적화 되어 최소 공간으로 설치 가능합니다.

■ IGS stands for Integrated Gas System is the device that it supplies and controls the high purity gas to the equipment of the semiconductor manufacturing process and is the integrated device by the block access to the unit.
■ IGS can be provided two different sealing type as W-Seal and C-Seal and offers superior performance realizing the miniaturization, high reliability, space saving, cost reduction and easy maintenance by replacing the conventional model. 

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I.G.S Integrated Gas System (IGS)
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